How to Fax with Google

internet faxing technology

There are many ways to fax from Google Office Suite (Google Drive, Google Docs, and Gmail). Some options will allow you to fax from these programs, while others allow you to use Google’s file formats for sending and receiving faxes.

Online Fax Services

email faxingOnline fax can be defined as a virtual machine that can be used in sending and receiving faxes. The service gives you the fax number and users have the ability to receive and send faxes through the email, computer program, web interface, or a smartphone app. You do not need a phone line; you just need to have an internet connection.

In most cases, you can send a fax through Gmail. In this case, you compose an email with the body of the email becoming a cover page, and the attached file becomes the primary part of the fax. The fax is received with the attached file as a PDF. You can find Gmail fax services that are integrated with Google Docs and Drive programs.

Connected Fax Machine

Nowadays, there are certain models of fax machines that can allow you to send faxes through the internet. Also, you can do faxing through the print driver. Advancement in technology has brought about special software that provides fax functions. When you use the special software, the document will be downloaded from Google Drive through the fax machine’s software.

Fax Software

email mailing faxesIn this case, fax software converts your machine to act as a fax machine. You need to have the right operating system. Currently, there is no fax modem for Apple computers. Most computers with Windows OS have Windows Fax and Scan. Linux has different software packages that support faxing. Fax software feels and acts like an email program. You need to download the document from Google Drive and then fax it through the software.

Printing and Faxing

If the above methods do not work, the easiest way of faxing a Google document is to print and then scan through a fax machine. It is a good idea to learn how to use a fax machine if you are a beginner. If you cannot get a fax machine nearby, you can check other places where you can get it.

You should note that most fax software programs and fax services require that the files be faxed be in a compatible file format. Faxing directly from Google Docs is possible. The main concern of using Google Suite for faxing is that Google Docs format is not compatible with most fax programs and services.