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Benefits of Gmail Fax

In the past,  it wasn’t possible to imagine a world of business without fax machines. Today, they’re probably the last form of communication that comes to mind when you need to send a business or a personal message. This is probably because you hold the notion that faxing is a defunct form of communication – one that bears little or no significance in an age that epitomizes the future of next-generation communication technology. Contrary to this line of thought, faxing has evolved with time, and it can help you grow your business empire in various ways.

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Let us now look at the benefits of online fax services.

Overhead Bills

Lean business management techniques focus on ways to minimize expenditure as well as cut down on waste of resources to boost productivity. You will be able to attain this goal with the adoption of Gmail faxing. Other than being a paperless technology, it relies on online communication protocols.

Subsequently, all you need is your computer or your tablet to send or receive fax messages. You don’t have to obtain stand-alone fax machines that cost more in energy bills, the initial cost of obtaining fax machines as well as maintaining them. Depending on the size of your organization, you stand to save a substantial amount of money that can go into business expansion on various fronts.

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Note that you don’t need a fixed telephone line to operate a Gmail fax. All you need is an e-mail address, and you can as well use ordinary mobile phone numbers to send or receive a Gmail fax. Gmail faxing bridges the gap between the classical as well as the next generation communication systems, and this enables you to appeal to the older and the younger generations alike.

Express Professionalism

The communication system you choose should project you as a professional. It should be of high quality. This means that your business messages should bear an element of quality. Logo and picture clarity, as well as legibility aspects of your messages to other businesses, clients, or relevant institutions, should be top-notch.

The fax message should as well be easy to print out in any part of the world, and this calls for the adoption of a universal document format. You don’t want to experience a situation where your debtors or your clients call in to tell you that they can’t open or print out a document because their machines don’t recognize the format it’s in.

With Gmail faxing services, you can fax documents in all manner of formats. In addition to this, the documents can be converted into various formats at a single click. As a matter of fact, document format flexibility makes this service revolutionary besides granting you high-level professionalism.…

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6 Benefits of Gmail Fax That You Must Know

Aside from being the most popular search engine, Google has also provided online users with different tools and services that can make their everyday personal and work-related communications a lot easier.

It has an email system, called Gmail, that can be used by everyone to send messages to other people all over the world. The good news is that Google has kept on improving its tools. This has given way to the possibility of sending and receiving fax through a Gmail account.

Here are the benefits of using this particular service:

No Need for a Traditional Fax Machine

When this tool was not yet available, most offices have fax machines everywhere. But now that Gmail fax has already been introduced, there is no more need for such devices. Aside from it gives you extra space, you also won’t have to worry about maintenance cost anymore, which means that you will get to save some money.

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No Need for a Lot of Papers

With the traditional way of faxing, it is a must that you always have papers available so you can print the fax sent to you. But with Gmail fax, you can minimize the use of loose sheets since you have the option to print something or not.

Reduces Electricity Consumption

A fax machine always has to be plugged in so you can readily receive what is sent to you. This means that you are using electricity all the time. With the service that Google is providing, you can now reduce your consumption of electricity. Again, this helps you save cash that you can use in your business operation.

It Is Portable

Since all you need is a smartphone and, of course, your dedicated online fax number, you can enjoy the service even when you are traveling. This is probably the best feature of Gmail fax, that is why a lot of business people have switched to this service.

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It Is Easy to Manage

Managing your emails and faxes have become so much easier because you will only use a single application. You also have the option to create folders and sub-folders, so your business communications are well-organized. You can access them quickly if you need to.

Retains Document Clarity

With the old way of faxing, you have to scan the document, and most of the time, this affects the clarity. With Gmail fax, however, this can be avoided since you are sending the file directly from your computer or smartphone. In fact, the quality will even be improved.…

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How to Fax with Google

There are many ways to fax from Google Office Suite (Google Drive, Google Docs, and Gmail). Some options will allow you to fax from these programs, while others allow you to use Google’s file formats for sending and receiving faxes.

Online Fax Services

email faxingOnline fax can be defined as a virtual machine that can be used in sending and receiving faxes. The service gives you the fax number and users have the ability to receive and send faxes through the email, computer program, web interface, or a smartphone app. You do not need a phone line; you just need to have an internet connection.

In most cases, you can send a fax through Gmail. In this case, you compose an email with the body of the email becoming a cover page, and the attached file becomes the primary part of the fax. The fax is received with the attached file as a PDF. You can find Gmail fax services that are integrated with Google Docs and Drive programs.

Connected Fax Machine

Nowadays, there are certain models of fax machines that can allow you to send faxes through the internet. Also, you can do faxing through the print driver. Advancement in technology has brought about special software that provides fax functions. When you use the special software, the document will be downloaded from Google Drive through the fax machine’s software.

Fax Software

email mailing faxesIn this case, fax software converts your machine to act as a fax machine. You need to have the right operating system. Currently, there is no fax modem for Apple computers. Most computers with Windows OS have Windows Fax and Scan. Linux has different software packages that support faxing. Fax software feels and acts like an email program. You need to download the document from Google Drive and then fax it through the software.

Printing and Faxing

If the above methods do not work, the easiest way of faxing a Google document is to print and then scan through a fax machine. It is a good idea to learn how to use a fax machine if you are a beginner. If you cannot get a fax machine nearby, you can check other places where you can get it.

You should note that most fax software programs and fax services require that the files be faxed be in a compatible file format. Faxing directly from Google Docs is possible. The main concern of using Google Suite for faxing is that Google Docs format is not compatible with most fax programs and services.…

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Why Your Business Needs to be Using Fax

While fax might be considered an outdated method of communication by some, Gmail has revolutionized faxing methods to make it a convenient and easy-to-use service, which you can greatly benefit from. If you own a business, you should consider using Gmail fax services.

How Does It Work?

holding a smartphoneSending fax has now become an easy task. All you need to do to is input a fax number in the ‘to’ field of the email. In order to ensure that your fax is sent to the correct location, just add the fax provider’s domain after the fax number. Then, just upload the documents, which can be attached in a variety of formats including JPG, XLS, DOC, and TXT.

As long as you have stable Internet connection, the email will be sent to the fax machine, which can then print the document. Gmail has created a handy way to streamline your business operation with little extra effort.

Benefits of Using Fax for Your Organization

1. Can Be Used Anytime, Anywhere

Faxing has become a convenient method of sending documents as Gmail allows all forms of attachments to be sent no matter what your location is. Furthermore, it is possible to send fax via your phone – perfect for those with busy business schedules.

2. Lower Costs, Bigger Savings

With the introduction of Gmail fax, you now can save plenty of cash as you no longer need a phone line dedicated to fax. As Gmail is compatible with any existing devices of computers and phones across all operating systems, there is no need to purchase any expensive hardware or software. The only thing you need is the online fax number. This allows you to use your funds more efficiently.

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3. More Peace of Mind with Increased Security

Sensitive documents? No problem! With emails, you risk the possibility of files being forwarded and shared without your knowledge and is very easy to be compromised. On the other hand, sending documents through fax ensures it goes straight to the machine with no middlemen involved.

4. Connect with Google Drive for Easy Organization

Another benefit of using Gmail fax services is that you are now able to incorporate the services of Google Drive into your organization, allowing you to create a clear and coherent organization system of files, which are easy to keep track of.

Fax is on the rise

The introduction of Gmail faxing services has caused a large surge in the number of businesses taking advantage of faxing technology. Reports are showing that across a variety of industries, more and more firms are using fax and that the rates are increasing. The simplification of the fax has made it a convenient tool that is essential to any successful workforce.

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What You Need to Get Started

Setting up your Gmail fax is a quick and simple task. In order to send fax via email, all you need is an active Gmail account and an online fax number, which you can acquire from Faxzee’s Gmail Fax Services. With only these two items, you will be able to send documents quickly and easily.  You will be on your way to optimizing your organization’s performance using fax!…

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