6 Benefits of Gmail Fax That You Must Know


Aside from being the most popular search engine, Google has also provided online users with different tools and services that can make their everyday personal and work-related communications a lot easier.

It has an email system, called Gmail, that can be used by everyone to send messages to other people all over the world. The good news is that Google has kept on improving its tools. This has given way to the possibility of sending and receiving fax through a Gmail account.

Here are the benefits of using this particular service:

No Need for a Traditional Fax Machine

When this tool was not yet available, most offices have fax machines everywhere. But now that Gmail fax has already been introduced, there is no more need for such devices. Aside from it gives you extra space, you also won’t have to worry about maintenance cost anymore, which means that you will get to save some money.

fax machine

No Need for a Lot of Papers

With the traditional way of faxing, it is a must that you always have papers available so you can print the fax sent to you. But with Gmail fax, you can minimize the use of loose sheets since you have the option to print something or not.

Reduces Electricity Consumption

A fax machine always has to be plugged in so you can readily receive what is sent to you. This means that you are using electricity all the time. With the service that Google is providing, you can now reduce your consumption of electricity. Again, this helps you save cash that you can use in your business operation.

It Is Portable

Since all you need is a smartphone and, of course, your dedicated online fax number, you can enjoy the service even when you are traveling. This is probably the best feature of Gmail fax, that is why a lot of business people have switched to this service.

laptop and smartphone

It Is Easy to Manage

Managing your emails and faxes have become so much easier because you will only use a single application. You also have the option to create folders and sub-folders, so your business communications are well-organized. You can access them quickly if you need to.

Retains Document Clarity

With the old way of faxing, you have to scan the document, and most of the time, this affects the clarity. With Gmail fax, however, this can be avoided since you are sending the file directly from your computer or smartphone. In fact, the quality will even be improved.