How to Send Faxes from Google Mail

online fax service on laptop

In this post, you will learn how to send fax messages using your Gmail account. Nowadays, it is possible to send a fax through an existing fax service. The truth is that you cannot send a fax for free (unless you are using a trial version of the fax service), nor from your Gmail mobile app. It is advisable to use Google Chrome (this is a free browser).

Email Fax Service

sending a fax on laptopEnsure you have a legitimate online fax account. If you are yet to register, then you need to do so now. If you are sending only a few faxes, it is a good idea to use a free trial version. However, you should remember to cancel the subscription before the elapse of the trial period. This will ensure you are not billed.

Open Gmail

Type in on the browser. This will open the Gmail account. You need to enter your login details (email address and password). If you cannot remember the login details, you will have to retrieve them. Remember that you cannot send a fax from your Gmail mobile application.

Writing a Fax Message

Click the “Compose” button found in the Gmail inbox. Type the fax number and the service extension. If you are sending a fax to another country, you will have to add the country code at the start of the fax number. Moreover, you need to write a cover letter. You can leave it blank if you do not need it.

Upload Documents

Click on the attachment icon (usually at the bottom of Gmail inbox), then select all the documents you want and upload them. If you want to send only text, you can type it in the body section. In this case, you do not need to attach anything. After this, you can click send, and your fax will be sent to the indicated number.

sending faxesAfter this, you will get an automatic confirmation from your Google fax services provider. Also, if the system was unable to send the fax, you will be notified as well. It is also possible to send the same document to several fax numbers at the same type. For instance, you can pull the numbers from an online spreadsheet instead of typing them in one-by-one.

Depending on the faxing service you are using, sending a fax to several recipients may need a paid subscription. The good thing about a premium service is that it will allow you to import contacts from all your email accounts.