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A Beginner’s Guide to FPV Multirotors

Welcome the world of FPV multirotors! There may be many things that inspire you to come this far to do your research about multirotors. Whatever it is, I bet you can’t wait to have your very own drone. But it is daunting, isn’t it? You don’t know where to start. Some people buy a pre-built unit, while others build their own. And there are just too many options on the market, and getting the right one can be confusing. At the same time, your budget may also be limited. Hence, you can’t buy based on a trial-and-error spirit. 

Therefore, we’re here to help you. Read this beginner’s guide first before you make any purchase. 

What Is FPV?

FPV stands for First Person View. It is a feature in a multirotor that allows you to immerse yourself with your aircraft. You will have your visual consciousness transferred to the aircraft so that you can have superb control over it. And this explains how expert pilots can perform freestyle tricks and shoot breath-taking aerial footage. That is because the multirotor has become one with them.

Gather Your Data

First, you should realize that the possible range of multirotor modification, maintenance, and repair is limitless and constantly changing. For example, in the past seven years, drones weighed more than 8kg, were bulky, and very expensive. Today, drones can get as small as your fist. The battery technology is also improving. If you don’t follow the updates in the drone tech, you will be left behind. And here is our favorite FPV site

Also, consider joining social media groups and online forums that discuss drone experience. DIY builders are very happy to share their knowledge, you know? And one way or another, you will have to learn to build your own drone. Do you know why?

Begin Your DIY Journey

drone repairThere is no shame in buying a pre-built multicopter. But we say that you will know how to build one anyway because you will damage your drone sooner or later. There is no way you can learn to fly your drone without crashing it. Even professionals still break their drones once in a while. And in that situation, taking the drone to a repair service will be too time-consuming and expensive. You will have to learn to disassemble your drone, diagnose the broken parts, and repair or replace them. It’s just a matter of time before you are tempted to build your own drone. 

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